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Voices of Lancashire

In this podcast series, the host, Lara Momesso, interviews immigrants residing in Lancashire, a county in northwest England, and explores with them their migration stories, integration experiences, aspirations, and contributions to their adopted home. With a goal to promote intercultural exchange and challenge stereotypes about immigrants in the UK, this podcast offers insights into the diverse experiences of those who have made Lancashire their permanent or temporary home. Whether you're an immigrant seeking relatable experiences or a local curious about your new neighbours, this podcast provides a platform to explore these unique perspectives.

Gosha: the journey of a Polish artist who became a Pol-Lancs lass

In this episode, Gosha, a Polish artist who arrived in Lancashire twenty years ago, recollects her story of adaptation to and integration with the local society. In her early twenties, Gosha left Poland hitchhiking, with the goal to go to Portugal for a holiday. She never arrived in Portugal: in Spain she met a British man who then became her partner and father of her son. After a few years in Spain, they moved to Clitheroe, a place that soon became Gosha’s new home. A gifted artist, Gosha feels she has a responsibility towards the world, namely to fill it with colours and positive energy and spread the love she feels when she creates. If you want to know more about Gosha’s art, follow this link: https://www.goshagibek.com/

Interview content:

[00:03]: How she left Poland for a dream destination in Portugal and ended up in Clitheroe

[00:05]: Clitheroe: first impressions and 20 years of life there

[00:08]: Getting to know Clitheroe as a mother: the park and playgroups

[00:11]: Growing up in Świebodzice, Poland

[00:14]: Assimilating to British culture and society: process and feelings

[00:17]: Family and in-betweenness

[00:18]: Dealing with the feelings of the family who has remained behind

[00:21]: Chasing the dream of being an artist

[00:23]: Synaesthesia: life in colours

[00:28]: Gosha’s artwork

[00:32]: The meaning of art in Gosha’s life and her responsibility as an artist for the world

[00:34]: The opportunities brought by the COVID pandemic

[00:38]: Learning about British society: law abiding and trusting in their government

[00:41]: Feeling of belonging

[00:43]: Returning to Poland

Gosha: the journey of a Polish artist who became a Pol-Lancs lass Artwork
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Lara Momesso

My name is Lara, I am Italian, and I moved to Lancashire for work in 2017. Gradually, Lancashire has become my new home. My personal experience of being a migrant in many places of the world and my interest in listening to the stories of other migrants inspired me to create Voices of Lancashire.

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