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Voices of Lancashire

In this podcast series, the host, Lara Momesso, interviews immigrants residing in Lancashire, a county in northwest England, and explores with them their migration stories, integration experiences, aspirations, and contributions to their adopted home. With a goal to promote intercultural exchange and challenge stereotypes about immigrants in the UK, this podcast offers insights into the diverse experiences of those who have made Lancashire their permanent or temporary home. Whether you're an immigrant seeking relatable experiences or a local curious about your new neighbours, this podcast provides a platform to explore these unique perspectives.

Bahar: The journey of a Turkish young woman, a traveller, an entrepreneur and a history lover

In this episode, Bahar, a Turkish young woman who arrived in the UK in 2017, explores the meaning and challenges of a travelling lifestyle. Having spent most of her life in Adana, Southern Turkey, Bahar decided to quit her job and discover the world. Her curiosity and entrepreneurship brought her in various places around Europe and, eventually, in Chorley, where she works as a chef in an Italian restaurant.

Interview content:

[00:02]: Adana, a city with a 3000-year-old 0name

[4:00]: Living and dreaming in Adana

[00:08]: Realising that the world is too big

[00:09]: Quitting a good job and going abroad to discover the world out there

[00:12]: Friends’ reactions to an unusual life choice

[00:15]: From a natural park in France to Germany, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Luxemburg…

[00:21]: … and finally England!

[00:22]: Developing a letting business in Portsmouth

[00:23]: COVID and the end of the first business

[00:24]: From coffee shop manager to breakfast chef to kitchen manager

[00:27]: Arriving in Chorley

[00:28]: The importance of curiosity and entrepreneurship in (a migrant) life

[00:30]: Learning about the British: pop-culture, family businesses, stick to your plans, and nurture your hobbies

[00:34]: The British and Turkey

[00:36]: Family expectations and personal ambitions

[00:37]: Comparing with those who have stayed home

[00:39]: The meaning of family

[00:40]: Feelings of belonging

[00:41]: Being a traveller as a lifestyle

[00:43]: Returning to Turkey?

Bahar: The journey of a Turkish young woman, a traveller, an entrepreneur and a history lover Artwork
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Lara Momesso

My name is Lara, I am Italian, and I moved to Lancashire for work in 2017. Gradually, Lancashire has become my new home. My personal experience of being a migrant in many places of the world and my interest in listening to the stories of other migrants inspired me to create Voices of Lancashire.

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