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Always In - The Trade of Trading for Traders

Every episode we deliver the trade of being a successful and elite trader. Based in what it takes to consistently profit from the markets and make your living as a trader. RexDogActual, a profitable trader since 2016 and NephewElite, his nephew and a relatively new trader on his way to profitability.

Together they run the popular trade group - Daily they show up with others traders who are successively and consistently pull capital from the markets with one of the best speculative trade systems ever created - the RexDog Trade System.

Nothing we say is financial advice, entertainment only.

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How the Market Moves

How does the market really move? In this introductory conversation we talk about how the market moves at a high 10,000 ft level. This should be no surprise to anybody who has followed RDT-- the market moves from level to level. What does that really mean? NephewElite shares some of his thoughts on what he's learned in his short trading career and then RexDogActual jumps in and finishes it off. We title this talk introductory because in further discussions about bias and momentum, we break down even further how the market truly moves.

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How the Market Moves Artwork
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